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Why give out free information?

Any kind of surgery is a great step to take and we are firm believers that information should be freely and easily available.

The Australian Orthopaedic Association has recommended the following websites - Orthoinfo and Orthoanswer. Another reliable source of patient information is on the National Health Service web site in the UK.

The information on these sites is reliable, easy-to-read (plain English) and, in some cases, easily avaialble for print.

Orthoinfo, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons page for patients, is here. A pdf containing links to all their information is here

Orthoanswer, a site for patients by a fellow Australian orthopaedic surgeon, is here. A pdf containing links to all their information is here

NHS Choices Health A-Z of conditions and treatments is here.

To use this page:

  • Simply click on the area of the body affected below or use the links in the address bar above.

  • Look for the injury, disease, or treatment you would like information on

  • Click in the link

  • For example - for hip replacement information, click in the Pelvis, Hip and Thigh page above (under Free Information) or click on the link below, look in the treatment section, find Total Hip Replacement, and click on the link.


We have the same information organized by either Topic (eg arthritis, or Lumps, Lesions and Cancers) or A-Z. Simply follow the links above.

Finally, another way of finding the information you want (other than using Google of course!)  is to use the "search" or "find" feature in your browser to locate the word or phrase you are looking for on the relevant page.

The default/usual keys to press to find things in most web browser is Ctrl+F.

Any/all patients being considered for surgery will be shown this information as part of their "informed consent" process.

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