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Free Information on Foot and Ankle


About this information


The information available from the links below is reliable, easy-to-read (plain English) and, in some cases, easily avaialble for print. This information is recommended by the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

Orthoinfo, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons page for patients, is here. Their information is listed in the left column. 

Orthoanswer, a web site developed for patients by a fellow Australian orthopaedic surgeon, is here. Their information is in the column on the right.

NHS Choice, the website of the National Health Service in the UK, is here. Their information is in the column at the bottom of the page.

 To use this page
  • Look for the injury, disease, condition or treatment you would like information on

  • Click in the link

  • For example - for bunions scroll down to the "diseases and conditions" section, find "bunions", and click on the link.


Alternatively use the "search" or "find" feature in your browser to locate the word or phrase you are looking for on this page.

The default/usual keys to press to find things in most web browser is Ctrl+F.

Some basic information on spines is available from the AAOS here.


Any/all patients being considered for surgery will be shown this information as part of their "informed consent" process.

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