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For anyone who is more than 15km from Mackay, we are very happy to arrange a teleconference so you don't have to travel or visit us.
Usually we do prefer a face-to-face first appointment. Subsequent follow-up/further appointments can easily be held by teleconference if it is appropriate and more convenient.
With the advent of COVID-19, we realise that people are self isolating or in quarantine, but would still like access to their doctor. We are more than happy to support this by extending our teleconference facilities.
Here is a brief guide on how we can contact you.
Apple devices: simply let us know your FaceTime ID and we can call you directly. You can find this under Settings - FaceTime  -"You can be reached at..." 
WhatsApp or Google Duo or Viber, we can use your mobile phone number.
Facebook Messenger, we need the name you use for Facebook.
Skype, we need your Skype Name. You can find this under Skype Settings - Skype Profile.
Zoom on a computer, you can either teleconference from a computer using Chrome or Firefox. Simple go to the join meeting page on the website, enter the ID we provide you, and join the meeting. The web site will ask you to run a small background app, or you can download the Zoom Client for Meetings from this web page beforehand to speed things up.
Zoom on a mobile/smart device, download the Zoom app from your preferred device app store, or from this web page. We will supply you with a Meeting ID and Password, either by e-mail or by SMS. Simply put in the ID and password when prompted and join in.
For all of these apps, you will of course need to allow access to your camera and microphone so we can see and hear you!
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