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COVID 19 update – "Some" business as usual


We would like to reassure you that whilst "business as usual" is ongoing,

we still take the COVID 19 pandemic very seriously,

and with the advent of the highly contagious Omicron variant,

along with the opening up of the borders,

a new series of recommendations has been brought in.

Whilst we are in theory able to see all patients face-to-face once more,

the Queensland Government currently recommends a "work from home" policy

for the 6 weeks from 7th January to 18th February 2022.

As such, where physical examination is considered near-essential,

face-to face appointments will still be offered.

However, where a physical examination is not deemed near-essential,

we will be asking patients to undertake a video or teleconference instead.

This should not have an impact on your care,

just the location in which it takes place.

Regarding masks, the current mandate is for

all people to wear a mask in workplaces.

These guidelines are for everyone's protection.

After all, whilst you might not have COVID-19,

you can't guarantee the person sitting next to you doesn't.

For those of you affected by the above, or who do not need or wish to take the risk of visiting hospitals or clinics, we are happy to provide the following options for those of you who feel safer to be seen from a remote location, to maintain your health and happiness, whether due to travel, time or COVID 19 restrictions or concerns.

We use Apple Facetime, Google Duo (for Android devices), Facebook Messenger,

Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and now Zoom.

If you are not registered with one of the above services, then as long as you have a phone, tablet or computer with a built-in camera and Internet connection, then we will be able to contact you face-to-face using Zoom as no registration is required.

On arriving at the practice you will be asked to scan in with the Check In QLD app.

There are currently no restrictions on what surgery can be offered privately, with surgery currently proceeding as normal.

Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Chris Wainwright and the team at

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