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Currently I usually perform an anterolateral approach to the hip. This is similar to the "direct anterior" hip, but with the scar around 2.5cm more towards the side.
After 5 years of training, courses and up-skilling, I was regularly performing the direct anterior approach where the cut is on the front of the thigh. In theory, there are a few advantage to this, but all of them are short term advantages only. As one of my philosophies is to ensure the best long term result for the patient (rather than the patient making me look good in the short term), I have reverted back to my previous approach for routine surgery.
More complex procedures can also be performed through this type of cut, for instance redo/revision surgery, or, if previous surgery has been performed through a posterior or anterolateral/side approach, I am fully trained to re-use these also.
This change in practice has been brought about because of ... science*. And we all love science.
*a list of the specific research articles behind this decision is available here and was performed as part of our regular literature reviews to ensure current best practice.
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