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Arthritis Assessment Clinic


Dr Wainwright has an interest in the full spectrum of degenerative and arthritic conditions, from early pain to end-stage disease requiring joint replacement surgery. As such he is teaming up with local physiotherapists, PhysioPlus, to provide an Arthritis Assessment Clinic.

All patients over the age of 60 with simple hip or knee pain will be offered an assessment from a physiotherapist who has been trained to see patients regarding hip and knee arthritis. No patients are obligated to take this appointment but there are several advantages to doing so.

Multiple studies have shown that surgeons will tend to offer patients operations who may have benefited from physio alone. As such, patients are the ones who will benefit from these clinics the most as

  1. they aren't offered surgery they may not need

  2. their costs are reduced (a physio assessment is less costly than a specialist assessment)

  3. their waiting times are reduced

  4. even if they do end up with an operation, they will be fitter and able to recover quicker due to the exercises they have engaged in before surgery.


Assessments are performed with the aid of well recognised scoring systems for hip and knee arthritis to help evaluate how bad the pain is and how much impact it has on quality of life. These findings may also be used anonymously for research.


All patients are discussed with Dr Wainwright and a plan of action is agreed. If the disease/arthritis is too bad for physiotherapy alone then a follow-up appointment will be offered with Dr Wainwright to discuss other options including surgery. Written information regarding the arthritis, its treatment and the risks of treating will be provided prior the follow up appointment so that a fully informed decision can be reached.


It is hoped that by participating in this new clinic that patients will receive the care they truly need, when they need it, in a more cost effective way.

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