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All Our Handouts!

We live in an information age, and it is very easy for any Dr Google to search the web for information about their problem. To save you the effort, and to provide a more reliable resource of information, any handout or information we have downloaded for patients from Google has been added to our files here. As they are all freely available to download from the web, please feel free to download it from us!

We are always grateful to those others in the profession who have put their time and resources into generating research and handouts for patients. If you do download anything which originates from another provider, please go to their site and thank them. These providers we have found most helpful over the last 5 years are listed at the bottom of this page in alphabetical, rather than any other order.

If we have in error included any information which is copyrighted, please notify us immediately and we will take it down and issue an apology.



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